Reservation: +420 730 629 299

Říční 540/9 - Malá Strana
118 00, Praha1

+420 730 629 299

KAMPÁRIUM - restaurace & steak

Our family restaurant is situated in basement of a house with nice brick vaults, located nearby Kampa Island, Prague..

We take pride in the presentation of our steaks to our guests. We are proud of the steaks we serve, prepared in different ways at your request. We also offer several types of beer from City Brewery Policka or delicious wine from family vineyard of Mr. Konecny, Cejkovice/Moravia. Even when it is not standard in Czech Republic, our restaurant is for non-smokers only. We offer typical Czech dishes as well.

We will be appreciated to give a birthday party, a wedding party, a company party and offer hospitality at this occasion.

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